Skånetrafiken, Movia, Kolumbus och Ruter bjuder in till dialogkonferens om samåkning och bildelning 15:e Juni

Nordiskt samarbete för att bättre förstå hur samåkning och bildelning kan bidra till kollektivtrafiken. Ta chansen att delta i denna web-konferens. Sista anmälan är den 12:e Juni





Dialogue Conference about Ridesharing/Carpooling


Date:  15.06.2020

Time: 0830 – 1200 (CET)

Where: Teams meeting (The conference will be held in English)



People desire to move freely, and it must be easy to do so. The Nordic PTAs (Public Transport Authorities), play a central role in providing and promoting shared and combined mobility for all. The combination and integration of public transport and ridesharing/carpooling are key components to provide more and better mobility for all.


It is traditionally in PTAs operation to source the services and products needed to deliver the value intended. Traditionally this has been sourcing busses, drivers and the like. This is already happening and will continue to change in the future with new services and products.


Target audience

The target audience for this dialogue conference is current and future mobility actors in ridesharing and carpooling. We hope to see providers, operators, companies connecting trusted drivers with ride searching passengers and other companies working within this domain. Established companies, start-ups and innovators are all welcome to attend the dialogue conference.



We want to gain insight and share information and thoughts about the trends specifically within ridesharing and carpooling, as well as the mobility market in general.


The conference will help us to identify opportunities, so we can meet our customer’s current and future mobility needs and ensure sustainable mobility solutions in the Nordic countries. We want to meet with various players in the ridesharing and carpooling market and discuss opportunities and future solutions. Further discussions and one-to-one meetings will be possible.



We have high ambitions in meeting the mobility needs of the population and companies. This must be done together with partners in the domain. We must provide current and future residents with sustainable mobility solutions. This includes full transport mix of the users with healthy and active transport modes. Our strategies are to meet the increasing demand of public transportation in urban and rural areas by introducing new collaborations combining new solutions and public transport services. We must enable citizens to roam freely, offering a wide variety of mobility solutions suited to their needs while we are ensuring a sustainable growth in our communities.


We have insight in how trends such as urbanization, digitalization and individualization affect the mobility market. We wish to see public transportation in a larger perspective, as we believe that the rapidly growing sharing-economy will have a positive impact in addressing the challenges of sustainable community growth. Future solutions must be developed that combine mass transportation with individual, tailor-made solutions. A tight and flexible network of integrated mobility solutions, offering a comprehensive and, for the traveler, seamless mobility is the goal. A key factor in achieving such ambitious goals is good collaboration with other mobility actors in the market.


Presenting Ridesharing/Carpooling solutions

Organizations that have relevant products or services they wish to present can make their interest known to Ruter, Cecilie Færden, mail:, by 12.06.2020 at 0900 (CET).


The organizers reserve the right to select the organizations that will be given a timeslot to present their product. This is due to the total time allocated for the conference. All presentations must be handed in to the organizers and will be shared with all participants after the conference.


Other participants

This is for organizations with a keen interest in ridesharing/carpooling. As participant from other interest groups, i.e. other PTAs and municipalities can attend and will receive all presentations and further material after the conference.



We request registration of all participants. Registration and questions can be addressed to Ruter, Cecilie Færden, mail: Entries must be registered by 12.06.2020 at 0900 (CET) and must contain company name, name and e-mail address. When registered, you will receive an invitation containing a link to Teams.


Preliminary program:

0830 -12.00: Program:

  • Welcome, purpose of the conference
  • Mobility strategies for the Nordic PTAs
  • Prepared presentations by participants (max 15 minutes, depending on the number of participants):
    • Company presentation (short)
    • What opportunities do you see to reach sustainable mobility?
    • What is your vision for ridesharing and carpooling within our market areas?
    • Thoughts on Public-Private Partnership (PPP), collaboration with PTAs, solution integration and data exchange.
  • Further dialogue/information exchange, as well as procedures for possible announcement of competitions for services PTAs’ needs.
  • Summary and questions


A written report and documentation from the meeting will be prepared, and publicly available on 26th June.


Further process after the dialogue conference

Following the conference, the Nordic PTA might have specific questions to the organizations. If this becomes applicable, questions will be sent by 19.06.2020. The answers should be sent by e-mail to: by 25.06.2020 and we require company name, name and e-mail address.



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