Två nya bildelningtjänster i Sverige

Carsharing in Sweden is heating up! Two new carshare options have landed in Swedish cities. Toyota’s Kinto Share has launched a summer pilot in Stockholm, and Denmark’s GreenMobility has launched in Malmö and Gothenburg.

Toyota Kinto is a station-based option that begins its Stockholm pilot the week of June 22. Toyota will be placing 40 Toyota Corolla kombi in the city’s centre. The service will be available to individual drivers and business, and cars will be available with flexible leasing options:  per day, per weekend, per week, or for an entire month. Prices are fixed per period with an additional per kilometre charge.

GreenMobility, a free-floating carshare option, is now visible on the streets of Malmö and Gothenburg. A mobile app allows customers to pay per minute, per hour, or per day.

More information here.

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